5 Great Books for Entrepreneurs to Read in 2022

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What does entrepreneurship look like in 2022? Do we count on “post-pandemic” trends? How do we feel about navigating the remaining uncertainties? Some challenges may be unique to our times, but entrepreneurs and leaders always face potential unknown circumstances. We have to learn how to overcome them if we hope to find success.

If you were to ask the leading business people of our day about the secrets behind their journey to success, I guarantee most of them will attribute reading as a crucial element that led to where they are now. As it turns out, most of history’s greatest leaders also made a habit of reading widely. Through old and new books, they found education, broader perspectives, and wisdom beyond their current generation.

Leaders learn from others. They look to the successes and failures of other people as examples to follow and avoid. Books provide an excellent way for us to learn from other people all over the world—right from the comfort of our favorite chair. As entrepreneurs, gaining insight helps us gain ideas, improve strategies, and understand the challenges we face as we build a business.

Unfortunately, in today’s culture of business, reading often takes a back seat to other forms of media and entertainment. It’s easy to check out with the distraction of social media or streaming the latest TV show. If that’s the case for you, I challenge you to take some time for reading. Take advantage of those in-between times, like your wait at the doctor’s office or during your kids’ soccer practice. By reading, you gain additional perspectives and get new sparks of creativity. I promise you’ll find it’s worth your time!

If finding time really is the issue, and you struggle to sit down with a book, you’ve got the amazing option of audiobooks. Many titles can be found through the Libby or Hoopla apps, accessible through your local library. I’ll attest to the ease and convenience of borrowing from the thousands of digital and audiobooks available (for free!) through these apps. I can listen to books while I drive, exercise, or do chores, and it helps my reading list expand tremendously.

Since time is a limiting factor, which books will give you the best insights into entrepreneurship in 2022? I have a few suggestions for you to consider.

5 Books to Read in 2022

Check out these titles and gain some insight into the challenges of entrepreneurship:

1. Sell Like Crazy by Sabri Suby

The first step to entrepreneurship? Making money. That may seem obvious, but many new entrepreneurs get caught up in the details like building a website or designing a logo. Instead, the priority as you start out should be to start producing revenue as soon as possible.

In Suby’s to-the-point book, he gives simple, actionable strategies to start churning out sales and profits immediately. With practical marketing advice that works for any business, you’ll be empowered to take steps toward making money and building a successful business.

2. They Ask, You Answer by Marcus Sheridan

If you’ve wondered about how to approach an overall marketing strategy, check out this updated title. Once you read Sheridan’s book, targeting your ideal customer will happen on autopilot. It’s straightforward and easy to understand, not a complicated or technical method. Through Sheridan’s stories and experience, you’ll learn how to draw in and retain customers by providing them with real answers and building genuine trust. You’ll get fresh ideas about selling through digital media, a necessity in today’s markets.

3. Hook Point by Brendan Kane

With all the competition you’ve come across, you’ve no doubt wondered how to stand out within your industry. Especially with the short attention span of most internet users, how do you attract customers and keep them interested? Brendan Kane presents a creative strategy for grabbing the attention of your ideal audience within three seconds—the time research tells us we have before a user moves on. Kane shares his strategic method to build a recognizable brand and grow a successful company.

4. Start Finishing by Charlie Gilkey

Creative minds often jump from one project to another. While it helps to come up with ideas, that trait makes entrepreneurship a challenge! Sometimes we have to undergo a mind shift in order to make our way toward success and meeting business goals.

In this multiple award-winning book, Charlie Gilkey tells us that we are not hardwired to struggle, and we really can accomplish goals. He gives his nine-step method for becoming someone who finishes projects, including prioritizing, finding support, and how to deal with aspects that make us feel stuck.

5. Atomic Habits by James Clear

In this bestseller, James Clear gives a blueprint for finding success by improving little habits every day. Through inspiring and entertaining stories of leaders across all disciplines, he walks through ideas in biology, neuroscience, and psychology for establishing positive habits and eliminating negative ones. This book will help you find the motivation to begin new habits that lead to more success in any area.

Take some time this summer to invest in learning about what these books can bring to your business pursuits. You won’t be sorry!

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