Episode 10: Building an Agency in Retirement with Bruce Mayo

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Someone said, “it’s never too late to find new passions in life.” Tom’s guest can attest to the truth behind that statement.

Bruce Mayo is a retired Air Traffic Controller at the FAA (Federal Aviation Administration) and the founder of Marketing Pro Lab, an Indiana-based, minority-owned agency known for ruthlessly increasing customers and sales through search engine optimization (SEO), paid advertising, custom websites, reputation marketing, and other effective marketing strategies. 

He started his agency a little later in life than most people. In this episode, Tom and Bruce talk about the challenges of building an online marketing agency, the first services Bruce offered, and why and what he thinks is an essential trait of anyone looking to start an online marketing agency. So sit back, relax, and enjoy this episode.


“The biggest thing is, be a self-starter. You just have to discipline yourself and do it.

– Bruce Mayo


In This Episode:

  • Bruce shares his journey from working in the FAA HQ to building  an agency a few years after he retired
  • If you’re an employee, here’s how you can get a taste of working on something you like, which can be the foundation of your business
  • The good and bad about not needing a lot of money
  • The biggest challenge with starting a business later in life and how the Remote Millionaires Program can help you
  • How to navigate the technological challenges (like WordPress or website development) that come with building and growing an online business
  • What’s the essential skill of an aspiring agency owner?
  • Finding your WHY to fuel your business
  • A few words of advice for those looking to build their agency off the ground or find a supplemental source of income

And much more…



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