Episode 17: $9500 Week with Liz McKenna

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Building a business is stressful. You work from sun up to sun down, doing all the right things but not getting traction. Hence, many often give up before their business takes off. So how do you push past the frustration and do what you must do?  In today’s episode, Tom interviews Liz McKenna, a digital agency owner who shares how she dealt with her frustration while making hundreds of cold calls, feeling like everything was in vain. And then BOOM! She had a $9500 week. Listen to her story and learn how to build your business “one boring brick at a time” until you succeed.


“You can’t fail if you are consistent because several things are gonna happen. One, you’re going to get better at your pitch. Two, you’re just going to grow your sphere of influence with the people that you’re talking with. And three, it’s just going to get to a point where you are now growing your network.” 

– Liz McKenna


In This Episode:

  • What was Liz’s situation when she joined the Remote Millionaires Program?
  • How do you get past the frustration when you’re working all day, yet you don’t seem to be getting the desired results?
  • What is Home Services Jackpot (HSJ)?
  • Liz talks about the power of compounding effects and how her efforts paid off after cold-calling hundreds of people 
  • Discover the rewards for staying consistent
  • How does Liz handle objections and people who are not interested in what she’s offering?
  • How important is establishing a follow-up system, and what does Liz’s process look like?
  • How should you price your products and services?
  • What was Liz’s experience like when cold calling?

And much more…



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