Episode 8: From Zero to $15k Per Month with JT Trusedell

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Transitioning from your long-time career to building a digital marketing business can be challenging, especially if you don’t have the resources and support from people who understand the journey. But if you persevere, you will grow in unexpected ways. So how do you begin? Today, JT Trusedell shares his steps to build an online business with the help of the Remote Millionaires Program.

JT has worked as an IT Consultant for 27 years and knows the ins and outs of doing business with all sorts of people. Everything was going great until his heart attack forced him to slow down. Tune in to this episode to hear the rest of the story and discover how JT went from Zero to $15k per month.


“I figured, I can go through my top clients, see what options I can provide them and just see what they wanted just by listening. That’s the key. Listening to what they were complaining about, find out what their true hot button was and what they are actually going through as business owners.” 

– JT Trusedell


In This Episode:

  • Let’s hear about JT’s journey to building his remote business and getting his first clients using a simple yet powerful method
  • What are the most surprising things and realizations JT experienced inside the Remote Millionaires Program?
  • How to transition from what you’re used to doing to becoming an online business owner

And much more…



Connect with JT Trusedell:

Website: https://horizonunlimitedllc.com/


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