Episode 9: Scott Mizener – Direct Mail to Digital Agency

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Many people want to start an online business but can’t go past the first step. They either want everything to be perfect before moving forward, or they don’t have the time and clarity of focus that they get overwhelmed and give up before even starting. If you are in any of these situations, Tom’s guest has some excellent advice for you.

Scott Mizener is a full-time high school teacher who ventured into online marketing and design. He now runs a successful digital marketing agency. Discover how Scott made it all happen while managing a big family with 11 children. If you want something, you will persevere until you get results. There is no other way.


“A lot of people get stuck with trying to even get started because they like to have everything perfect. It’s not that way. You’re just gonna be changing and adjusting all the time.” 

– Scott Mizener


In This Episode:

  • How Scott ventured into designing postcards and online marketing while still employed as a full-time high school teacher
  • Scott shares the wonderful support he gets from the Remote Millionaires community
  • How to manage a family with 11 children while running an online business
  • Scott’s advice for people aspiring to start an online business

And much more…


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