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What are your most successful ways to conduct cold prospecting? Do you get intimidated thinking about reaching out to local businesses and potential clients?

If you want to prove to prospective clients that you really know what you’re talking about in the tech industry, it’s a great idea to use up-to-date technology in your communications. Using innovative techniques will demonstrate your cutting-edge techniques in website construction, management, and digital marketing.

One of the neatest ways we’ve found to bring us some of the most successful prospecting outcomes is by using Loom. It’s a free software that lets you quickly create personalized dual videos of your screen and yourself. 

Loom serves as a dynamic way to reach potential clients with valuable tips geared toward their specific needs. Rather than sending a smattering of generic emails, you give potential clients the chance to “meet” you while you discuss observations about their website and optimization. Plus, they can watch it at their convenience, rather than working a meeting into their schedule.

Why Loom Works for Outbound

Outbound needs to be part of your marketing strategy. If it’s not, you’re missing a huge opportunity to build your business. This is a primary way to gain leads.

If you’re used to copying and pasting emails to send to new contacts, why not make it personal instead of taking the easy route? It takes so little time to do some quick research before prospecting potential clients. Showing that you already take a genuine interest in their online presence and offering to help them improve will build trust.

By using this software, you can turn these contacts which often end up in a junk folder into something striking. When you use up-to-date, innovative technology, you give credibility to your agency’s expertise.

How can you implement this software for your own outbound prospecting?

4 Tips for Creating Client-Focused Outbound with Loom

Try this formula for using Loom in prospective communications:

1. Address Their Strengths

Do they have an attractive design or logo? Have they included easy-to-find business information, like location, directions, service descriptions, costs, and contact information?

While you discuss their website with your screen in view, point out what the potential client has done well for their website. Affirmation builds a positive rapport with potential clients, especially upon initial contact. They’ll appreciate the positive feedback from experts, too.

2. Point Out Problems

In your video, kindly point out issues you notice. Is their website over-cluttered, which leads to user overwhelm? Do they lack information that would be valuable to customers? Did you notice their limited SEO and their absence on search results pages? 

Point out issues like when they don’t show up under non-branded searches in their industry. Show them what you as the viewer see. Businesses often overlook issues with websites because they get used to looking at it from their perspective, not the customer’s perspective. Show them how they can adjust to meet customers’ needs and answer their questions.

3. Offer FREE Valuable Content

Some agencies make the mistake of only selling in their cold prospecting efforts. Instead of jumping straight to a sales pitch, give potential clients the opportunity to trust your expertise. Offer a few free tips about improvements that they can implement themselves. Explain the need and why the changes you suggest will work in their favor. How can they improve their rankings? What can they add or take away from their website to give customers a better experience?

4. Invite Them to Try Your Services

Do you give a complimentary consultation? A free audit? Whatever you offer, make sure to invite this potential client to try it out. Also, make sure you have clear instructions about how to easily contact you. Respond as soon as possible to any inquiries, and send a quick follow-up if you haven’t heard back after a week or so.

Don’t forget to mention the regular services you provide for clients, so they know what your agency can do for them to improve their digital marketing. Business owners often don’t feel like they can commit the time to make their website truly excellent, so explain the benefits of working with you and how you can help take their website up to expert levels.

Your videos don’t need to be more than a few minutes long. My agency’s usually fall between two and three minutes. We include necessary information without creating a burdening length that a prospect checks out of after too many points.

With these tips, you can create striking outbound communications for prospective clients. Your emails will pack a punch and create an outstanding impression to increase curiosity about your services.

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