Should Remote Workers Join a Mastermind Group?


Does some magic formula exist that helps entrepreneurs churn out great ideas and turn them into profitable business ventures? If so, how do regular people get access to it? While I don’t think there’s any real magic to the success of the most prominent business people and creative minds, I do know one of their best secrets. And I want to share it with you…

Did you know that community fosters creativity and new ideas? Groups that come together to challenge and encourage each other have benefited individuals for a long time. This successful format has famously been used by some of history’s greatest thinkers, such as Benjamin Franklin, Henry Ford, Thomas Edison, and more. Think about some of their greatest contributions, and then understand that part of that success is attributed to the encouragement they gained from trusted relationships.

As a part of a mastermind group, you get to join a community that spurs each member toward their full potential. Your group can be made of coworkers in a professional setting, like-minded friends you meet with regularly, or several people with similar goals or interests. Whatever the format, these individuals need to provide a positive influence in your life. Choose people you can learn from and trust.

In a mastermind group, you’ll discuss aspects of business and your personal life. Your personal relationships directly affect your success as a professional and an entrepreneur.

Many mastermind groups require some kind of financial investment. Did you know you benefit more from something like this if you invest your money in it? When you have a stake in the outcome, your commitment is stronger. With an investment like this, you gain the full benefits of your commitment to your mastermind community.

Not Convinced Yet?

A mastermind group gives you the opportunity to get together with others who inspire you to pursue your goals, who you can adopt wisdom from… and who can also learn from you! Sometimes we feel like we don’t have much to offer, but everyone has unique experiences that can help to encourage others. Your story may provide the inspiration that someone else needs to go after their biggest goals.

Take the challenge, and form relationships with trustworthy people. Talk with your group about issues you face and get new ideas about how to grow. Let your group help you turn the dice, so you can see new sides you might not have even thought about. You’ll see unexpected growth across all areas of your life.

Let me dive deeper into some of the benefits you can gain as a member of a mastermind group.

3 Benefits Entrepreneurs Can Gain from a Mastermind Group

As an entrepreneur, take advantage of the benefits you can get from a mastermind group.

1. Learn from People Smarter Than You

I always say, “If you are the smartest person in the room, find another room.” You won’t gain much by only interacting with people who have the same amount of knowledge and experience as you. Plus, you miss out when you believe that you can only learn from people in your own field. 

In fact, you’ll be amazed by how much you can learn from people across disciplines, not to mention across generations. Take the opportunity to meet with people who know more than you.

2. Make Professional Connections

Learning from others isn’t the only perk of a mastermind group. You also get the opportunity to increase your network while building deep relationships. Your connections have other connections, and as you talk about your entrepreneurial efforts, goals, and interests, other group members may have the opportunity to get you in touch with someone you can help—or who can help you. In a mastermind group, you can accelerate your exposure to other business opportunities.

3. Find Accountability

One of the biggest bolsters I’ve found for my entrepreneurship is the accountability I get from a mastermind group. When the success of your business rides on all your own efforts, you have to fight for the motivation to keep going, despite setbacks and challenges. Entrepreneurs need a strong support system, and a mastermind group can provide some of the strong encouragement you need.

A mastermind group can help you think through decisions—before you make them. You’ll get encouragement to keep chasing your goals. Members can help you determine practical steps to move forward instead of just letting aspirations bounce around in your head with no real momentum to make them a reality. Your mastermind group holds you accountable in your business life, but they’ll also keep you on the right track with your personal life. The success of your relationships largely influences the success of your business.

Reap the benefits that deep accountability can bring to your life. Make connections across professional fields, if possible, and learn from people with more experience. Get into a mastermind group as soon as you can.

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