3 Loom Alternatives You Can Use for Outbound Prospecting


COVID-19 caused many people to discover video conferencing and screen sharing, and even today, many businesses still rely on it. These business tools have proven effective at working with people with different geography.

Personally, I fell in love with screen recording software for communicating with team members and clients. I even use it as an innovative approach to cold outbound marketing.

We teach our Remote Millionaire subscribers to create explainer videos using Loom for prospecting. Recently, we wrote about creating successful outbound marketing pitches by using this software that allows you to send videos of a prospect’s website. With it, you can shoot live video of your screen while also filming yourself discussing your observations—sort of like a recording of screen sharing on Zoom. For digital marketers, the interactive nature of these videos is a game-changer.

Through this method, we’ve gained clients by offering them a few tips and explaining the exact ways our services can help improve their website and business. We’ve seen incredible results—business owners respond enthusiastically and with curiosity about our innovative pitches. We’ve picked up a number of new clients by using this method of outbound marketing.

Loom has its drawbacks, however. Its simplicity makes it extremely easy to use, but the program has limited features. Occasional bugs and program crash cause issues for users.

Some digital marketers prefer to examine the options when it comes to various software programs to use for this type of outbound. If you find you want to have more editing features than Loom offers, you might look into some of its competitors. Some have a lower price point, and some have more consistency across devices. Many offer more options for editing videos. 

3 Alternatives to Loom

Check out these software alternatives for interactive video recordings you can use for client prospecting:

1. UserGuiding’s UG Now

This program, available for free to UserGuiding subscribers, offers a way to create engaging videos. UG Now lets you walk the viewer through your perusal of their website as you offer potential solutions and tips. You can also use it for other business-related videos, like onboarding, surveys, and tours. No coding knowledge required!

UG Now tends to require a little more technical knowledge than other programs. If you need the simplicity of a more user-friendly application, this might not be the best option for you. There’s also no long-term free option, and for non-UserGuiding members, the price point is much higher than a Loom subscription.

Check out their 14-day free trial option if you want to get a better feel for the program.

2. Soapbox

If you want to expand your options for editing videos, this is your program. Soapbox lets you create videos in minutes. Then, you can add text, effects, or edit when and where the webcam recording shows.

With the various editing options available through their software, you can rightly imagine Soapbox charges more than other competitors. However, you do have the option to continuously use their free version with limited features. Keep in mind that you need to update the application as updates come out or downloading and sharing can become more difficult.

If you find that all the editing options become too time-consuming for you to manage to get videos out to prospects quickly, you may find that a simpler program works better for you. But if the creative editing helps you better demonstrate your services to potential clients, this may be the software for you!

3. Camtasia

If the idea of a subscription turns you off, try purchasing a program like Camtasia. Like Soapbox, Camtasia gives you an array of editing options, like allowing you to add text to videos for titles, credits, and captions. You can also include voice-overs, animation, music, or creative transitions. Another perk—you can use presets to make shooting quick videos for new prospects a breeze.

You can get a free version of this software with basic tools, but the premium adds even more features. Camtasia offers a discount for business owners, plus a year of maintenance support. If the pricing starts to turn you away, remember it’s a one-time purchase that you don’t have to renew or keep up with continuous billing.

Some users have fallen in love with the software’s ability to process complex videos. Since you purchase the program, the software doesn’t come with automatic updates. As with any purchased software, new versions will probably need to be purchased again, later on.

Even if you have trouble finding a program that checks every single box for what you want to use in your business, you can find one that suits many of your needs. Just be sure to read reviews and check out the pros and cons from users. If one doesn’t fit your needs, try another until you find the best alternative. Once you find one that works for you, you can make quality custom videos for prospecting clients and see incredible results. If you want more tips or want to learn about other cold outbound methods, get in touch with us!

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