3 Ways to Accelerate Your Remote Business through the Holidays

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The holidays have arrived! Do you have plans and traditions you look forward to? Have you thought about how to integrate the celebrations with your remote marketing business?

As you prep for the winter holiday season, you may feel tempted to back off of your efforts because you think it’s a slow time for business. While you should take time to celebrate and rest, don’t underestimate the power of the holidays for naturally boosting client interaction, draw in new prospects, and ultimately increase your revenue.

Instead of letting your business coast during the holidays, use these special days to your advantage!

Use Holidays to Your Advantage

Many potential clients already shop for specials and deals as they browse the internet between Thanksgiving and New Year’s Day. You and your clients can benefit from special promotions you set up during these holiday weeks. While you get into the spirit of the season, offer themed promotions to shake up the particular interest you can’t get at other times during the year. 

More than likely, your competition already takes advantage of holiday promotions. Don’t let them get ahead of you! Promote your marketing services throughout the holidays. During these months, take an active role to market your remote business and appeal to new prospects. 

Cyber sales play a huge role leading up to Christmas and through the end of the year. Many users actively spend time looking for deals around the holidays. Launch specials to appeal to them, and you’ll draw interested prospects and new clients. Make sure to give these specials a time limit, so the customer knows it’s a temporary opportunity.

But since many business owners report their stress levels at an all-time annual high around this time, how can you set up these promotions in a way that helps you and your business thrive during the holidays? Check out my tips below.

Your Guide to Stress-Free Holiday Promotions

Try these strategies for stacking your business’s growth through the holidays:

1. Stick to the Promotion’s Natural Deadlines 

Allow the holiday’s function as natural deadlines to end promotions. Since the holiday already exists on the calendar, prospects and clients have a built-in reminder to make a decision before time runs out. Use countdown timers and reminders leading up to the promotion’s end. Send them to your email list, use them on social media, and include them in promotional ads.

When the time runs out, stick to it! Create scarcity with your offers by holding to your deadlines. This actually builds trust with your clients and prospects because they know you mean what you say. Your products, services, and specials will have more value because of the way you manage your promotions.

2. Promote to Your Audience

Don’t send your promotions out into the wind. Your efforts cost you time and resources, so spend these commodities wisely. Make calculated decisions about how to get your specials and advertisements in front of qualified users. You can get more bang for your buck by promoting to already-interested users. The easiest and most effective way to get the word out is by appealing to the audience you already have.

Use email list reminders to send information about special promotions, and include live countdown timers for a great visual reminder about the offer’s limited availability. Market to your community through social media, videos, webinars, podcasts, Facebook live, and weekly shows. 

Whichever method you use to communicate to your online community, give your audience interactions a festive flair. This makes your content stand out from regular offers, and it cues your audience that you have something special happening. It also helps to build excitement!

3. Set Up Automated Processes

Who wants to manage all these details all day, every day, throughout the holidays? On your end, it won’t feel jolly and festive to set up and send out communication at all hours. Instead, find ways to make this process easier and more hands-off. Set up automation for social media posts, emails, sale endings, and online shop openings.

We love helping new remote marketers find the most efficient for incredible growth in their businesses. Automations make quick, sustainable business growth so much more attainable. We show you how to make these automated methods work in your favor through the Remote Millionaires membership, so check out all of our tips. You can build your revenue and enhance your business through the festive months ahead. As you celebrate the holidays with loved ones, don’t forget to also celebrate your wins!

If you want to learn how other successful entrepreneurs have used holidays to accelerate their businesses, get in touch with us! We’ll show you more about how to build a recession-proof, automated business. Check out our FREE, 15-minute training and start generating at least $8K per month in weeks.