6 Must-Dos for a Holiday Promotion

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We’ve talked about how to get a holiday promotion going and why they can give you such a steep increase in sales when you use them effectively. Do you know how to ensure your promotion doesn’t disappear into the ocean of holiday sales? Do you know how to manage the promotion in a way that doesn’t drain your energy and motivation for the new year?

Keep reading for tips on how to have the most incredible season of sales.

When Goals Don’t Cut It

We talked about the importance of setting goals last week. You need a main objective to keep your daily tasks focused and stick to a timeline. But goals alone won’t get you results. You also need a practical plan and helpful tools to get the job done.

Over the years, we’ve practiced a plethora of promotions and steered through the holiday madness. We’ve discovered ways to make running a promotion more streamlined while gaining more clients, revenue, and audience growth. Today, we want to share seven must-dos for running a holiday promotion.

6 Things You Need to Do to Run a Successful Holiday Promotion

Check out these tools and tips to gain more traction with your holiday promotions:

1. Don’t Add to the Noise of Flashy Holiday Sales.

Avoid blending in with the barrage users and shoppers face when they hop on their internet browsers. If you get lost between everybody else’s ad campaigns and email list promotions, you’ll get nowhere—despite your hours of efforts.

For your promotion, aim to delight your clients. Don’t annoy them with emails that fill up their inbox, and don’t stress them out with too much information. People already feel the hectic pace of sales, parties, family interactions, and travel. Don’t add to that!

Avoid sparking negative emotions and disappearing into the void. Create messages and content your audience wants to share. Draw on emotions of the season through storytelling, and use your product or service as the conduit. Talk about connecting with loved ones, or giving to others in need. Mention some of your own holiday memories or talk about what you’re thankful for (including your clients!). Make it relatable, while maintaining professionalism. In addition, you can partner with a charitable organization and make donations with every sale.

2. Make your promotions about something only you can do.

What’s your specialty as a remote marketer? It could be the type of training you’ve had, your expertise with a certain niche, or the way you interact with a broad variety of clients. How does your specialty increase your value to clients? What do you bring to the table that no one else can? Lean into your uniqueness as a remote business owner, and let clients know what you can do for them. Promote your specialties and experience that set you apart as a marketer. 

3. Set Up Automation for Seamless Processes.

If automations weren’t already essential for running your business, you have to know they are worth their weight in gold around the holidays.

If you do your promotions right, you’ll have an influx of interest around the holidays. You want this, but you also need a way to effectively manage it. Make sure you have key dates marked on your calendar. Know when you plan to work. Set up timers for promotion countdowns. Set up automated emails. Understand that many people will also take time away and may not be as responsive on certain common days. What’s common in your region or with your audience? Don’t let these factors catch you off-guard.

You’re going to want to take some time off, and you need to plan around that. It means you require something to keep things moving while you rest. Take time off and avoid stress. Let your clients know you’ll be unavailable. Sometimes that’s as simple as setting an away message for your email. Contact your current clients with a quick note asking if there’s anything you can do for them before you shut your computer.

4. Establish and Stick to Deadlines

Your sale has an end. Make sure your audience understands this and knows when to expect it. Stick to deadlines… but do have a plan for people who miss it. Still, have room in your schedule for a free consultation? It helps you and the prospect to schedule it. Does someone ask about extending the sale? You’ve decided your prices return to normal after the deadline,  Decide ahead of time how you will handle questions about deadlines. 

5. Make FAQs Readily Available to Your Audience.

Since clients mostly look for your remote services online, they need the ability to find answers to their common questions without having to speak to you directly. Your time is valuable, and so is theirs. Don’t make them have to personally seek you about topics like your operating hours. That either wastes your time every time you have to answer repetitive emails, or prospects will move on without bothering to ask.

Include a FAQ page on your website, or have answers to common questions listed on your social media profiles. Just make sure the information is visible in places where your traffic originates. They shouldn’t have to scour the internet to find the answers.

6. Set Up a Rewards Program & Give Gifts.

Care for your clients by providing rewards for their time and business. ‘Tis the season, after all! Show clients, you’re grateful for their business. This both feels like kindness toward them and incentivizes. Use a tool like Rybbon to set up rewards programs, which also gives you reporting tools, enhances workflow, and has an easy-to-use dashboard.

Other nice touches include custom gifts, handwritten notes (sent by old-fashioned snail mail), and branded (useful) swag. Use Sendoso or a similar company to streamline this process and give something meaningful to your clients during the holidays.

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