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In our years of working with entrepreneurs and helping them get some amazing businesses off the ground, we’ve heard question after question about how to get started. Starting and running a digital marketing agency comes with all sorts of challenges. Instead of getting overwhelmed by the tasks ahead of you, take some tips from people who have been in your shoes.

Learn from Someone Else’s Experience

Aspiring entrepreneurs frequently feel like they walk a solitary path as they attempt to establish a business. The fact that this post includes the words “common questions” in its title is a pretty clear indication that you’re not alone! You just have to find the right support.

At some point, we at Remote Millionaires all started as beginners. Whatever backgrounds we came from, we gained new and varied experiences as heads of startup companies. Many of us pressed on through tough challenges to acquire the skills and knowledge we now have—and we’re excited to share what we’ve learned. 

We also want to help others avoid wasting time trying to figure out the basics while they jump into the initial stages of owning a digital marketing business. If I had a group of successful entrepreneurs guiding me through some of those first steps, I could have avoided some obvious fumbles and used my time a little more wisely. So instead of trying to make your way through a bunch of unknowns while attempting questionable internet research, why not listen to someone who’s been down these roads before?

Today, I’m sharing several of these frequently asked questions about how to launch a digital marketing agency.

The First 4 FAQs about Starting a Digital Marketing Agency

Take a look at these common questions new business owners have about starting a digital marketing agency:

1. What are the most important qualities for a digital marketer?

You need to have a little knowledge, of course, but you primarily need a can-do attitude and a heap of endurance. 

Building an agency takes patience and consistency. You always have new information to learn as technology develops. You have to have the fortitude to keep going after your goals, solve complicated problems for clients, and the consistency to keep providing quality services. At the beginning, you end up doing almost all the mundane details in addition to your larger scale plans and networking. It takes up a lot of hours, but eventually, you’ll see the fruit of your labor.

Later on, you can delegate some of those time-consuming tasks to employees or contractors, which will leave you with more time for big picture planning and managing the overall business efforts.

2. How much digital marketing experience, knowledge, and training do I need?

SEO services are the backbone of your digital marketing service. If you need to learn more about how to strategize and apply SEO, take courses to learn the basics and more. (Our ground-breaking program provides uniquely-designed training and mentorship as you work to build your company.) Then, stay up to date on current trends. Perform an audit to see how your services measure up to industry standards.

Build on knowledge of basic marketing strategies, branding, competitive analysis, reporting and measuring analytics, ad creation and campaigns, and search engine results. Be prepared to keep learning about every aspect of digital marketing, so you can provide thorough, quality service to all of your clients.

3. How do I choose a business name and logo?

When choosing details to brand your agency, cater to your chosen niche and your location. What makes your agency stand out from others? 

For your logo and website theme, pick a design and colors that reflect the energy of your agency and the services you provide. These points serve to attract your ideal client, so make sure to select something that both attracts them and stands out from other agencies serving that industry.

4. Do I need to use social media for my business?

Social media’s a free resource for digital marketers that allows you to engage directly with your audience and easily find new leads. With it, you can reach clients you might never meet in person. Not to take advantage of social media’s benefits would be a huge mistake. 

You don’t have to become an expert at every social media outlet that exists. Pick the main platform (or two) that your target industry tends to use, and focus your efforts there. Build engagement through groups, communities, and ads. You’ll start racking up leads.

While you consider these topics and others, contact our team. We’re ready to support you through any questions and concerns that come up in your journey. Our library of resources can help you through all the basics of getting started. We’ll walk with you through the process of getting your first client and support you through the early days of entrepreneurship. With a little time and consistency, you’ll be on your way to a six-figure business!

Check back next week for even more common questions about digital marketing startups!

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