Episode 12: Google Business Profile Expert – Sherry Bonelli

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People tend to perform a Google search first when searching and comparing products and services. So how do you make sure people can find you and your business? Your Google Business Profile shows people where and how to find you. Your business profile allows you to reach and connect with more people, list your products and services, and more. To explain more about the benefits of setting up your Google Business Profile and SEO, Tom interviews Sherry Bonelli. 

Sherry is a Google Business Profile Platinum Product Expert, a nationally recognized local SEO expert, and digital marketing professional. She entered the digital marketing world in 1998 when she launched her first e-commerce business selling pregnancy and baby products. Her e-commerce site was selected as one of the top 10 websites by a leading pregnancy magazine, and she appeared on the TODAY Show, CNN, ABC News, and other media outlets. Sherry is passionate about helping her clients grow their businesses through integrated digital marketing strategies.


“Just know that Google now is not really looking at keywords. They’re really looking at more topics. They don’t want you to write content for keywords anymore. They want you to write content for the user.” (14:19)

– Sherry Bonelli


In This Episode:

  • Meet Sherry Bonelli, Google Business Profile Platinum Product Expert
  • We’ve all heard about SEO, but what is the difference between national SEO and local SEO? Why should you focus on one over the other?
  • What do Google Business Profiles get suspended, and what can you do to have them reinstated?
  • If you know nothing about SEO, how and where do you start?
  • Sherry shares some tips for someone who would like to know more about SEO or take in SEO clients

And much more…


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