Episode 13: The Playbook with Adam Lyons

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When starting your business, often, you still need to get systems and processes in place, and everything is in your head. But if your long-term goal is to grow your business, then creating SOPs (Standard Operating Procedures) would serve you well. First, it is easier to replicate your original products and services if you have SOPs in place, saving you time and training costs as you grow your team. Second, SOPs also protect the quality of your output. Finally, after building your SOPs, you can turn them into your proprietary blueprint or playbook, which will be a strong foundation for your growth plans. So how do you start building SOPs?

In this episode, Tom speaks with Adam Lyons, a serial entrepreneur who runs 16 businesses and provides business coaching to CEOs of top companies. Adam has developed The SMART Blueprint, a proven framework for business owners who want to scale their businesses. He also hosts a podcast called SMART Businesses Do This. So tune in and learn from someone who has done it over the years.


“I’ve realized that laziness is a superpower. My laziness makes me efficient because I will not waste energy. I’m just now a hyper-productive lazy person.” 

– Adam Lyons


In This Episode:

  • Meet Adam Lyons, serial entrepreneur and creator of The SMART Blueprint
  • What did Adam do before he got involved in mergers and acquisitions?
  • How does Adam structure things to be able to run 16 businesses and still have personal time?
  • Adam’s strategy to identify your ideal clients and get your business off the ground
  • How upsells add value to your clients and make them rely on you for everything they need in their business

And much more…


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