Episode 15: The First Skill You Need to Be a Remote Millionaire

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What do you think is the first skill you need to master on your path to becoming a remote millionaire? Some may say it’s marketing or sales. Others will say it’s SEO or something else. There’s one foundational skill that is taught inside the Remote Millionaires Program. With this skill, success will be within your reach. It is a skill you’ve probably heard many people talk about but have yet to implement on your own. It’s not some hack or some crazy software. But it’s definitely a game-changer. In this episode, Tom will give you the framework to learn and establish this essential skill. Struggle no more! Sit back and enjoy this special training episode today.


“There’s no magic niche; there’s no magic service. We see students in all kinds of niches do all kinds of services and all having success. What’s more important is that you get the processes in place, which for us are the revenue-producing activities of prospecting on a consistent basis.” 

– Tom Gaddis


In This Episode:

  • What does it take to build a business?
  • The first thing Tom and Nick do when a new member joins the Remote Millionaires Program
  • Learn the SMART way to set goals: Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, Time Bound
  • There’s no magic niche, and there’s no magic service. So what must you do to succeed?
  • Why are your goals important? What are the benefits of achieving them? What are your obstacles and solutions?
  • Auditing your strengths and weaknesses to identify what you need help with and the resources you currently have
  • Try this framework used by Remote Millionaires students to instill the habit of goal setting

And much more…




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