Episode 18: How to Crush Your Local Market with Jelle DeVlieger

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Being in a small country doesn’t mean you only have minimal opportunities to choose from. Businesses are everywhere, even in a small town. You just have to know where to look for opportunities and be ready when they come. Doing business in a small town can also mean limited competition and lower operating costs, allowing you good profit margins. Take the example of today’s guest, Jelle DeVlieger, who has established his business in a small Dutch-speaking country. He’s now off to seal the deal with a $4K monthly client. Learn how you can get your local business off the ground and how joining RM can accelerate your success. So let’s dive in!


“No matter what age you are right now, you can still pull a lot of success off even within a timeframe of, like, three months. So it’s just a matter of thinking about it, executing it, and just doing it. Even if you’re overseas, it doesn’t really matter. You can really create the life that you want.” 

– Jelle DeVlieger


In This Episode:

  • Who is Jelle DeVlieger, and how did he get into digital marketing?
  • What opportunity exists for people who want to build their business in a small country?
  • How does Jelle deal with the challenge of outsourcing tasks and staying profitable, considering that he’s doing business in a Dutch-speaking country?
  • Discover Jelle’s prospecting process (learn how to find clients)
  • Why Jelle joined the RM even when he’s already doing okay in his business
  • Jelle’s advice for aspiring business owners based overseas on how they can get their business off the ground

And much more…



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