Episode 21: The Trick to Money

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Christmas is just a few days away. Are you feeling festive or stressed out because you don’t have enough money to buy gifts? For many people, the holidays are a significant source of stress, especially for someone with limited funds. But what if you can change your situation and achieve financial prosperity? Do you want to know how to do it? Of course, you would! 

In this episode of the Remote Millionaires Podcast, Tom recounts the days when he had little money and how he felt about it. But he doesn’t end there. Tom goes on to share how he learned “the trick to money,” which was inspired by the book “The Trick to Money Is Having Some” by Stuart Wilde. So if you want to break free from scarcity, listen up and discover the trick to getting it right with money and the actions you can take to live a life of your design without ever having to worry about money.


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“Money is attracted to other money. That’s why you see people when they’re successful, they seem to get more successful, right?” 

– Tom Gaddis


In This Episode:

    • Are the holidays a stressful time for you?
    • Can you wish your way to having lots of money?
    • What is your relationship with money? 
    • The difference between being broke and poor and how to avoid being poor
    • Tips to get it right with money and taking action to set goals and achieve financial prosperity

And much more…




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