Episode 22: Achieving Atomic Success in 2023

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It’s that time of the year–2023 is about to begin! People around you, and maybe even you, are preparing a gazillion new things they will do. But guess what? None of them will stick! In this episode, Tom will share his strategies and tactics for getting things done, for changing his behaviors and habits that enabled him to achieve success, and it had nothing to do with making resolutions. He also shares examples of how he used those habits to change his life, and you can do it, too. So enjoy the final 2022 episode of the Remote Millionaires podcast, and get ready to achieve atomic success in 2023!


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“If we really want atomic change in our success, it all starts with very small changes out of the gate, and I’ve since used this idea and process to get over those times that I just don’t feel like doing something or I’m procrastinating.” 

– Tom Gaddis


In This Episode:

    • Why you need to stop preparing your New Year’s resolutions, and what you should do instead 
    • Developing the habit of prospecting (it’s the same method Tom used to get his first 14 clients)
    • How to instill tiny success habits that will dramatically improve your life and your business (you just have to start doing one small thing)

And much more…




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