Episode 26: Best Niche – Best Service

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Today’s episode covers the answer many aspiring entrepreneurs have been asking. It may come in different forms, but it always comes down to “what is the best niche to target when you’re trying to build a remote digital marketing agency, and what is the best service to offer?” Here’s the short answer–there is no magic niche or service. 

In today’s episode of The Remote Millionaires Podcast, Tom explains why he does not exactly believe in the magic of niches. But he talks about the key to building a successful remote business (or any business for that matter). Tom has seen the success of many students inside the Remote Millionaires Program, so there’s data to support the information he shares today. He also describes what he means by The Power of ONE. So, whether you’re new in the digital marketing world or have tried different niches but have yet to gain traction, this episode can guide you in the right direction. 


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“There is no magic niche. There is no magic service. Achieving success–building a remote digital marketing agency–comes down to systems and processes, and most importantly, doing the revenue-producing activity of prospecting and selling potential clients every day.”

– Tom Gaddis


In This Episode:

    • Things to consider when choosing a niche 
    • How to pick which service to offer (activity-based vs. results-based services)
    • What is The Power of ONE?

And much more…




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