Episode 29: Handling Setbacks

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It can get frustrating when we experience setbacks when trying to accomplish things. But we can’t escape from it. At various points in our lives, we all face setbacks and obstacles. The important thing is knowing how to handle them and move forward. While setbacks are often difficult and heartbreaking, they give us an opportunity to pause, refocus, move forward, and strive to do better.

In today’s episode of The Remote Millionaires Podcast, Tom talks about the simple things you can do to handle setbacks effectively. Tune in and learn from his experience.


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“Really successful people just don’t quit. When there’s a setback, when things get in the way, they brush themselves off, they refocus, and they start moving forward. And they try not to be too hard on themselves.”

– Tom Gaddis


In This Episode:

    • How successful people manage setbacks 
    • Simple things you can do to handle setbacks and keep moving forward

And much more…




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