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I remember some of the old cartoons I watched as a kid. You’ll remember this plot, too: Popeye and his love, Olive Oyl, take off to enjoy a special outing—but Bluto comes along and threatens to ruin their date! Popeye, a sailor, knows how to fight, but he’s feeling a little anemic, so he gulps down a whole can of spinach and—BOOM. He has instant strength to knock out the bad guy before happily driving a convertible into the sunset with Olive Oyl. How amazing that a simple solution could give such powerful results!

If you’ve worked on building an audience of hungry prospects but want to see bigger results, you’ve got to beef up your efforts. Some of these efforts require your long-haul commitment, like strength training at the gym. But some tactics will supercharge your efforts and grow your audience before you know it. 

Why Worry About the Speed of Audience Growth?

Growing an audience allows you to build trust with a crowd of followers. You have the opportunity to gain quality leads and build relationships with prospects and customers. You get to address questions about your products or services through content, questions people didn’t try to ask—or didn’t realize they ought to ask. Additionally, you get to interact with users and demonstrate the value of your offers.

With regular audience growth, you’ll see more leads develop and more revenue stream in. Naturally, quickly getting an audience allows you to make faster progress. The best part: You can intentionally drive your audience growth without word-of-mouth or traditional advertising. Let’s talk about how to do that.

4 Ways to Supercharge Your Audience and Watch it Grow Quickly

If you want to quickly expand your audience and increase results, try these strategies:

1. Offer a free lead magnet.

Offer a free resource of value, like a handbook with steps they can take, or an informative video. It might be a free tool they can use immediately to solve a problem. It could include a free download, product, or access to exclusive content. Whatever you choose as your lead magnet, use it to collect email addresses and grow your list.

You can ask for users’ email by asking them to sign up for your mailing list. Once they enter it, attach or link the lead magnet to a follow-up email. 

Your email list provides you with direct contact with your audience members and their personal inbox. There, you can send exclusive offers and communicate content that you don’t share on the broader internet. It’s the most reliable way to stay in touch with your audience because you don’t have to worry about algorithms or the reliability of social media servers.

2. Do joint ventures and webinars with partners to cross-promote between your audiences.

I can see on my kids’ growth charts when they suddenly have a spike in height. Sometimes they grow several inches in an unbelievable amount of time. Do you want to see dramatic growth spurts in your audience, too?

Look for opportunities to do joint ventures. You can stream webinars with partners, which allows both audiences to have access to the other influencer. This cross-promotion provides the advantage of growth to both parties. It’s a great way to let users see how your products or services interact or boost the other, or give more value to it. Trust me: You will see immediate boosts in numbers. 

3. Offer incentives.

Sometimes, when I get my hair cut, I notice the barbershop or stylist offers an incentive by asking where clients heard about the shop or who recommended them. That way, they can reward those clients for referring others.

You can do the same thing by offering incentives for referrals. Add space to your website and Facebook group to ask, “How did you hear about us?” Then, offer the referring customer a reward for recommending your business. That could look like a discount on a future purchase, a free product, or something more specific to your business and audience. 

4. Build one solid content platform. 

The saying goes, “You can do it all—just not all at once.” The same applies to building platforms. While you could spread yourself thin by developing every platform you can, that doesn’t make it a good idea. Successful marketers and businesspeople recommend focusing your efforts on building one content platform and giving it the best of your efforts. Make it really, really good. Excellence on one platform will beat mediocrity (or worse) on several every time.

You can choose from multiple platforms, according to the type of content you put out: YouTube videos, podcasting, or social media posts. Invest in one as a long-term effort. Be consistent on the platform you select, and offer quality, useful information. You’ll grow a steady list of followers and have the potential for major growth over time.

If you’ve struggled to gain traction building your audience, try some of these tips to supercharge your audience. And don’t forget to eat your spinach.

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