Top 10 Benefits of Working Remotely

Top 10 Benefits of Working Remotely-Remote-Millionaires-Nick-Ponte-Tom-Gaddis-Offline-Sharks

Welcome to our Remote Millionaires blog! We’ll spill all the details of remote life and entrepreneurship, helping you live your best life as you work toward your goals.

If you’ve considered a career where you can work from home, you’ve probably imagined enjoying all the perks. Or, maybe you’ve wondered if a remote workplace really lives up to the hype.

Let me share with you several of the perks I’ve experienced, so you can see for yourself if a lifestyle of working remotely fits your entrepreneurial goals.

10 of the Best Perks to Remote Work

Check out these top benefits of working from the comfort of wherever you choose.

1. A Much Shorter Commute

First things first—when you work from home, you’ve got to commute from your bed to your office. That means less stress in your morning routine… you don’t face much traffic in the hallways of your home. You’ll save time getting to work and get the chance to enjoy a slower, intentional start to your day as you take your mornings back. You’ll also save tons of money on transportation without gas purchases or public transportation tickets.

2. Fewer Daily Expenses

I already mentioned that you’ll save on gas money, but don’t forget about all the other ways you’ll save when you work from home. Since you don’t go to an office environment, you can have a more limited professional wardrobe. Your wallet won’t get slimmer because of everyday meal costs—you can eat lunch in your own kitchen without having to pack it! You can brew coffee right there in your workspace instead of buying several individual cups of coffee at a nearby café.

Of course, you always have the option of going down the street for a treat, but the point is that you don’t have to because you have the option to easily use what you already have in your pantry.

3. Your Own Dress Code

Work uniforms don’t have to plague you anymore when you work from your home office. While you ought to maintain professionality and a sense of readiness by getting dressed every day, you can choose your own comfortable outfits. 

You don’t have to wear a tie, and you can make use of all those more casual clothes sitting in your closet. While I don’t work in my pajamas, I personally prefer pants that have a little give in them, so I can sit comfortably and stretch whenever I need to.

4. A Personalized Workspace

When you work remotely, you get the option to personalize your workspace. Set it up in the way that works best for your methods and creativity. Listen to whatever background music you want. Put a “do not disturb” sign on your office door, or leave your window open to get some fresh air. 

Decorate your workspace with your favorite memorabilia, art, and photos. If a minimalistic area leads you to more productivity, make your space a sleek sanctuary. Creating a space where you love spending time will help you enjoy your work and stay unbothered by small annoyances and distractions.

5. A Flexible Schedule

Do you feel your energy levels are highest in the early morning? Do you get into a major productivity groove in the evenings? In a remote environment, you get to choose your hours. Pick the times when you work best, and pick the times you need rest.

Need to move your lunch break around? Need to adjust for unexpected hiccups in your schedule? How about a doctor’s appointment or a trip to the mechanic? All this is possible when you set your own schedule.

In addition, you get to get up and move around whenever you require a break, or you feel sluggish.

6. Hands-on Learning

Remote work and entrepreneurship provide plenty of opportunities to expand your knowledge and learn new skills. You get to challenge yourself to meet goals and apply the potential in ways you always dreamed. When you make a mistake or a misjudgment (you will!), you can compensate and learn from it, so you don’t do it again. But that means you get the direct experience, and you build your skillset as you go!

7. Set Your Own Goals

In a remote lifestyle, you’re no longer limited by someone else’s views about what you can accomplish. You can challenge yourself to meet goals that you set for your business—and you can crush them!

No more working toward goals someone else sets and then watching them reap the benefits of your labor. Now, you get to make changes and set goals for the benefit of your own business.

8. Work-Life Balance

Remote work allows you to set your own schedule. You can turn off your work when the time comes. This also means you don’t have to check your email on your time off, during the evenings, or on vacation.

You can make time to go to your kid’s ball game, schedule a date with your spouse, care for ill or aging family members, or whatever else you include in your life outside your career.

9. More Free Time 

When you’re freed from the time it takes to get ready for work and commute, so many opportunities open up to use your time in enjoyable ways. You’ll get more time for hobbies, cooking enjoyable meals, and spending time with your loved ones. You can finally fit in time for exercising, walking your dog, picking up an instrument, or taking up painting.

10. Less Exposure to Illnesses

One of the biggest perks to working remotely in this day and age is the avoidance of illnesses. If I don’t have to work near a coughing co-worker, I don’t bring a cold home to my family. I’m not going to have to take time away from work and interrupt my momentum because I’ve caught a virus or the flu.

When my weeks are no longer constantly interrupted by various illnesses, I don’t have to worry about trying to catch back up after my time out of the office.

Out of all these perks to working remotely, which do you think you’d appreciate the most?

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